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About Us

History of Acoustic Sonic, Inc.

A lot has happened since Acoustic Sonic Inc. was founded in 2003, our founder Roberto Gonzalez taking advantage of his many years as an acoustical consultant began to manufacture panels and acoustic diffusers in the garage of his house to distribute to his friend’s owners of recording studios offering the best price, quality and service. Robert and his wife transported the products to a storage near his home in a small truck.

Through the years the company has grown due to our passion to help our clients solve their noise problems. We have worked with architects, general contractors, school principals and homeowners.

Today we have among our customers Amazon, CNN, ESPN, Telemundo, Gatorade, Academica, BBC, Florida Power and Light, Miami Herald and many more. Our service has spread throughout the world with customers in Dubai, North and South America, the Caribbean, Mexico and Africa.

We are a group of people who love what they do.


Acoustic Sonic Team