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Noise Survey

Noise Survey, Noise Level Testing, Noise Measurement

As specialists in environmental noise, architectural acoustics, building acoustics as well as entertainment noise monitoring and assessments, we have a vast experience in noise survey and Building Noise Control requirements.

Our specialists are able to conduct the followings testing:

  1. Evaluate noise levels or sound exposure in the work place to determine if the noise environment is in compliance with local noise ordinances.
  2. Evaluate community response to an external source of noise.
  3. Evaluate whether a given acoustical environment is acceptable to resident or inhabitants.
  4. Establish noise level contours at a selected site.

Acoustic Measurements

Acoustic Sonic Inc provide a wide range of acoustical measurements, testing and analysis. We support you in the followings areas:

  • ASTM E 90/ISO 140 Sound Transmission Loss.
  • ASTM E 336 Sound Insulation in Building.
  • ASTM E 1007 Impact Sound Transmission.
  • ASTM C423 Reverberation Time.
  • ANSI S12.9 Measurement of Environmental Sound.

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