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Acoustic Quilt

Acoustic Sonic, Inc. offers a highly economical and efficient quilted fiberglass absorber. The Acoustic Quilt reduces the reflection of sound waves. It also controls flutter echo and reverberation time. These quilts may be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or hung from curtain's track system. Acoustic Quilts are available with grommets on top hanging from one side.


Manufacturing Areas, TV Studios, Multi-Purpose Rooms, Curtain Walls. Available in 50 colors.

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Acoustic Quilts consist of two layers of Guilford of Maine fabric, one side or both sides of 2” fiberglass. Quilts are constructed with all edges bound. We also provide a hybrid product, the AQ-30B which is a combination of absorber barrier to absorb and block noise with a layer of Sound Barrier SB, with STC rating up to 34.

Acoustical Performance

Frequencies (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
AQ-15 0.09 0.37 0.82 1.00 1.04 1.00
AQ-20 0.19 0.71 1.02 1.14 1.07 1.05
AQ-30 0.39 0.85 1.08 1.16 1.08 1.06

Fire Resistance

Flame Spread: 15. Smoke Developed: 150

Cleaning and Maintenance

Designed for minimal maintenance, the fabrics may be vacuumed if necessary.


View our installation video. Option to install Acoustic Quilt over drywall should be with 1” nails or with 2” staples at 24” oc; to install this material over a concrete wall or metal ceiling HILTI pins with washers should be used.