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Acoustic Sealant

SHEETROCK® Acoustical Sealant helps you achieve all of the test-verified STC/MTC that your partition assembly can deliver by sound-sealing partitions at gaps, electrical box cutouts, and all abutting dissimilar materials on both sides of partitions.

The water-based, highly elastic sealant applies quickly and easily with hand-gun equipment to vertical and horizontal surfaces (even overhead) without sagging. It dries to a tough but flexible film, forming a long-lasting, resilient, acoustical seal. It bonds firmly to both porous and nonporous materials and skins over while drying, helping it remain free from dirt and ages without hardening or cracking. It is non-staining, easily painted, and has a long shelf-life.

The sealant is excellent for use in fire-rated partitions for sound control and acceptable for use at the perimeter of wall assemblies rated 1-3 hours, displaying no adverse effect on assembly fire performance. It is also acceptable for use in full-load bearing, steel-stud partitions (WHI-9-28-78). It boasts 0/0 flame-spread/smoke-developed Surface Burning Characteristics with Underwriters Laboratories.

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