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Sonic Baffles

Ceiling Baffles are the solution for any large space that has reverberation problems. Baffles can be arranged to create various architectural affects with various colors, sizes and models. Installation of Baffles in rows 24” to 36” apart over an entire reverberant area can result in an optimum acoustical environment. The work consists of furnishing all labor, materials, accessories and equipment necessary to cover all areas shown on the drawings and specified.

Our Hanging Acoustic Baffles are ideal for areas where reverberation from hard surface is an issue, designed to improve sound quality and to provide a decorative look within a room. Sonic Baffles are highly aesthetic and popularly customized. They offer an elegant and economical sound absorption solution. They are ideal for spaces with high reverberation time.

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Acoustic Performance

Acoustic Performance 1″ Thick Noise Reduction Coefficient 0.70
Absorption Coeff.(α) Frequency (Hz)
0.16 125
0.37 250
0.66 500
0.83 1000
0.91 2000
0.91 4000
0.70 NRC
Acoustic Performace 2″ Thick Noise Reduction Coefficient 0.80
Absorption Coeff.(α) Frequency (Hz)
0.12 125
0.41 250
0.82 500
0.95 1000
1.01 2000
1.01 4000
0.80 NRC

Fire Resistance

All our baffles are classified as Class A or Class 1 laboratory tested as per ASTM- E84. ). Smoke developed: 50.

Cleaning and Maintenance

These baffles are designed for long term use in building environments with minimal maintenance. These baffles, however, can be vacuum cleaned as per customer desire; additionally, any marks may be cleaned with a damp cloth/wipe.


Suspension Provision

Baffles hang from ceilings from galvanized chains, fastened to the ceiling, all Baffles are factory equipped with eyelets. Grommets: Standard nickel plated, stainless steel grommets available for highly corrosive environments, and brass.


Sonic Baffles can be placed and spaced as detailed on reflected ceiling plans and/ or detailed on the interior elevation drawings.

Attachment Method

Plastic tie, coated wire tire, or stainless steel tie.