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Sonic Barrier


Sound Barrier SB is a flexible, non-reinforced mass loaded vinyl that reduces the transmission of airborne noise. This material is ideal for direct applications to the noise source and to reinforce walls, floors, as well as ceilings. The installation is simple, and this material provides a low-cost solution for noise isolation. The Sound Barrier SB material is used to treat the interior of walls and ceilings to help keep noises from transmitting from one room to the other. Typically it is combined with sheetrock, plywood, and fiberglass to provide a lightweight solution to high transmission losses over a broad frequency range.

Size of the roll is 4′ × 25′


The Sound Barrier SB rolls can be installed in Radio Studios, Recording Studios, Schools, Gymnasiums, Theaters, Apartments or any other facility with the need of noise control.

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Acoustical Performace

Noise Transmission Loss (db)
SB 100
Noise Transmission Loss (db)
SB 150
Noise Transmission Loss (db)
SB 200
Frequency (Hz)
16 17 18 125
17 19 22 250
22 25 26 500
27 31 32 1000
31 36 35 2000
36 44 40 4000
26 29 31 STC

Fire Resistance

Flammability: SE “0” in/min


To install simply nail in, staple or screw in the Sound Barrier roll to any construction framework or over furring strips; if the installation will be over a finished wall then drywall over it. Make sure all gaps are sealed and that all seems are overlapped. The Sound Barrier material will not shrink, rot, or cause any metal corrosion. It features very strong resistance against any adverse environmental conditions, and to any oil or weak acid leaks.