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Sonic Barrier Max


Sonic Barrier Max is a unique product that reduces the transmission of airborne noise while reducing structural and impact noise. Uniquely formulated to combine a dense, flexible layer of protection with a fibrous insulation layer to provide additional insulation to the spaces where it’s installed. This heavy-duty acoustic material and impact isolator, popular among architects and contractors, offers robust soundproofing performance. Can be installed in new and retrofit wall applications, ceilings and floors.

Sonic Barrier Max may be used to substantially improve the sound transmission loss of an existing interior wall or ceiling without removing or replacing the existing materials. The installation requires only Sonic Barrier Max with minimum 3/8” thick gypsum and fasteners; 1/2“ or 5/8”.

This heavier material offers robust acoustical performance for those applications requiring extreme sound control, including heavy-gauge metal wall framing. Also acts as an isolator for structural noise.

Size of the roll is 4′ × 25′


The Sound Barrier Max rolls can be installed in Commercial and Residential Construction Sites, Apartments and Condominiums, Hotels, Offices, Music Rooms, Conference Rooms, Privacy Protected Areas, or any other facility with the need of noise control.


Acoustical Performace

Frequency (Hz) Noise Transmission Loss (dB)
125 17
250 19
500 26
1k 31
2k 36
4k 44
STC 30

Physical Properties

Color Black/Gray
Weight 1 lb/sq.ft
Tensile Strength 475 PSI
Tear Strength 207 PSI
Thickness 0.19″
Temperature Range -40 °F – +180 °F
R-value @ 1” 4.366
Flammability SE “0” in/min


To install simply nail in, staple or screw in the Sound Barrier roll to any construction framework or over furring strips; if the installation will be over a finished wall then drywall over it. Make sure all gaps are sealed and that all seems are overlapped. The Sound Barrier material will not shrink, rot, or cause any metal corrosion. It features very strong resistance against any adverse environmental conditions, and to any oil or weak acid leaks.