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Sonic Panels

Sonic Panels are highly aesthetic and popularly customized. They offer an elegant and economical sound absorption solution. Sonic Panels offer a variety of sizes and shapes available in over 50 colors. They provide ideal results for noise control and are impressively decorative which allows them to accommodate to any workable environment.

These Glass Fiber panels are covered with an acoustically transparent and very decorative fabric, the fabrics allow for the variety in colors as well as variety in the texture of the fabric. The fabrics that are used are offered in an assortment of different textures. Sonic Panels are ideal for spaces with high reverberation time.
Our Sonic Panels are designed to improve sound quality and to provide a decorative look within a room.

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Manufactures Standard panel construction consisting of facing material stretched over front face of edge-framed, dimensionally stable, rigid glass-fiber board core and borders or attached to edges and back of frames and complying with the following requirements:

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24", 24"x24"x1", 24"x24"x2", 24"x36"x1", 24"x48"x1", 24"x48"x2", 30", 36", 40", 48"x48"x1", 48"x48"x2", 48"x96"x1", 48"x96"x2"


Amethyst, Apricot Neutral, Bone, Buff, Cement Mix, Blue Spruce, Aquamarine, Chrome Green, Cobalt, Baltic, Bayberry, Black, Blue Neutral, Blue Papier, Blue Plum, Bronze, Claret Accent, Cherry Neutral, Chocolate, Cinnabar, Coin, Crystal Blue, Deep Burgundy, Desert Sand, Dune, Earth, Eggshell, Eucalyptus, Flannel, Green Neutral, Grey Mix, Iris, Lake, Lavender Neutral, Leaf, Light Moss, Lilac, Medium Grey, Moleskin, Opal, Pearl, Pumice, Quartz, Red, Rose Quartz, Sienna, Silver Neutral, Silver Papier, Steel Grey, Straw, Stream, Sunshine, Terra, Ultramarine, Vanilla Neutral, Verte Papier, Violet, Wedgewood, Wheat, White


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